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CHIPS Plus Will Boost U.S. National Security

Landmark Legislation is Huge Win for Indiana, Potentially Bringing Billions of Dollars in R&D Funding

(Carmel, July 29, 2022) – Dioltas, LLC, a Carmel-based disruptive technology-defense strategic advisory issued the following statement upon the passage of the CHIPS Plus legislation:

“As a result of CHIPS Plus, America will be less reliant on foreign-made microchips,” explained Dioltas Advisory Board Chair, Mike Dodd. “Companies like SkyWater, which announced last week it will build a facility in West Lafayette in partnership with Purdue University, will receive the needed funding to begin domestic operations.”

The legislation, co-authored by Indiana Senator Todd Young, will also boost Indiana’s defense ecosystem, creating new opportunities for defense contractors and creating jobs. As part of the legislation, billions of dollars will be spent on much-needed research and development. A technology hub will likely be formed in Indiana to perform portions of the R&D.

“Senator Young, a fellow Marine, knows very well the real threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the need for the U.S. to make technological advancements,” said Dodd. “Indiana is already playing a critical role in defending our nation, with advanced technologies being developed at NSWC Crane and Purdue and Indiana Universities, not to mention the hundreds of Department of Defense (DoD) contractors located in the state.”

“I would like to personally thank Senator Young for taking a stand and creating policy that will make a real difference in the lives of all Americans,” said Dodd.



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